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The Writings of a Hallucination [entries|friends|calendar]

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[17 Feb 2007|08:28am]
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PIXIES ARE COMING!!!! [10 Jan 2007|11:31am]
im sure everyone is probably aware of this already but considering i am in another country at the moment, i have found it quite hard to keep up-to-date with when my favourite bands finally decide to tour australia. i think they are only playing at some crappy festival but im hoping they will do more concerts. Even if it is not in melbourne, i'll be driving anywhere just to see them. SO I SAY THIS TO EVERYONE: IF YOU ARE GOING OUT TO BUY PIXIES TICKETS, BUY ME ONE PLEASE!! IT DOESNT MATTER IF THEY'RE ONLY PLAYING IN ANOTHER STATE, I WILL PROBABLY DRIVE!!!! lets just hope they are doing more concerts then just playing at that crappy festival. pixies 4 lyfe!
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i hope no one has forgotten how sexy i am!!!! [31 Dec 2006|06:36pm]
well well well....

i am currently in thailand, on an island called koh phangyang (or something like that) which is the home of one of the biggest festivals in the world called the full moon festival. Looking forward to tonight, might try and get my hands on some shrooms but only if its safe to do so. wont really care if i dont though, i have come to appreciate alcohol a whole lot more whilst on the trip. smoked a joint the other day at some crazy bar. it was pretty darn awesome. havent had any cravings throughout the trip though, but i still get moody from time to time but that is mainly due to travelling and sleep deprivation. however, i have been slightly unlucky the last couple of weeks though. heres a list of what has happen to me (and keep in mind that its only been the first 15 days or something so im a little worried)
- slipped down a waterfall and scrapped half my leg.
- got horribly horribly sunburnt (this one was my fault though)
- slipped down another waterfall cutting my right eyebrow. i had to go to the hospital and get three stiched.
- and finally and by far the worst.....i had a leech on my balls!!!!
am i accident prone? maybe. most probably. i do have photos and dont worry though, the photo is just of the leech ;)
but given all thats happened, i am having the best time of my life. its awesome!

i miss you all dearly!!!!!!

have an awesome new years everyone!!!!!!!
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[22 Dec 2006|08:14pm]
its been five days. havent got arrested yet. things are going well.
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[12 Jul 2006|12:23am]
hotdog's phone is sick.
so if you need to get in touch with him,
call his home phone number,
after 12pm & 4.30pm & 9.30pm-11pm.
or just message my phone.

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my backyard before a pool. [01 Jul 2006|10:32pm]
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[23 Jun 2006|09:50pm]

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Did you know that you can buy one sheep for 31 bucks.
And you can eat them when they die. You cant eat puppies.
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